WindFloat Technology – Worthy of a Guitar Solo?

In doing research for some upcoming interviews, I came across this little clip provided by Principle Power (the video is in the middle of the page). Remember, Principle Power is the company that signed an agreement with Tillamook County PUD to construct a 150 MW wind farm off the Oregon Coast. It’s because of the technology featured in this video (a.k.a. WindFloat) that such a farm is even possible seeing as, in some places, the Pacific Ocean gets too deep, too quickly to follow traditional wind farm building plans. Anyway, check it out. Not only is the technology featured pretty interesting, but the soundtrack rocks.


One Response to “WindFloat Technology – Worthy of a Guitar Solo?”

  1. Let’s Talk Numbers – The Money Behind The Plan « A Huff and A Puff Says:

    […] – Principle Power: the Seattle-based green energy company that signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Tillamook PUD on November 18th, 2008. Their sole product is WindFloat, the prototype of which is currently under construction in Portugal and is described more in earlier posts. […]

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