The Winds of Change Seem to be A-Blowin’

Up You Go #4

Strap some scuba suits on these people and they're ready to start an offshore farm.

It’s not often a project you’re working on hits you smack-dab in the face but today that’s exactly what happened. While walking back from class what do I see rising up oh so very majestically in front of me? That’s right – a giant wind turbine. I’m not sure what this one was made out of – I’m thinking paper mache over steel – but still, what are the chances? I had to learn more and that’s when I found out about this upcoming, local event:

Although I don’t plan on going, I find it interesting how hot these topics are now. I mean, ten or even five years ago would I have seen a giant wind turbine on campus? Probably not and, although environment-conscious isn’t what I would call “new,” I feel as if there’s a new fire burning under people to change the way we power our world. Wherever that fire came from, it gives a whole new meaning to “global warming.”


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