If there’s one thing I’m glad we did in Gateway it’s the introduction I received on how to use fancy technology. Granted, Final Cut Pro and a Kodak handheld camera aren’t really the fanciest of equipment, but for someone like me whose experience with computers ends at two years of InDesign, knowing how to use audio and film properly have opened up a whole new world of media.

These projects also provided me testing grounds for future ventures. For example, I’ve learned to book equipment from the journalism school at least a week in advance. If you want to be extra smart, also book it for the week after. That way even if you don’t need the equipment it’ll be there for you if editing calls for changes. Also, backgrounds can be distracting so, when filming, pay attention to what’s behind your subject. (I learned this the hard way – the film I made for Gateway II features a back wall covered in Christmas decorations, providing a riot of red and green that distracts from the main subject).

Beyond bookings and backgrounds, however, the most important thing I’ve learned this term is don’t be afraid of new projects. Technology has a tendency to give me hives, but I’ve found the only way to combat my nerves is to full on tackle the project at hand. Going outside my media comfort zone (which prior to this term consisted of e-mailing a story to an editor), not only makes me a better, more talented journalist, but it provides me new venues in which to share the stories I find. True – I say this now with three cozy weeks without school gloriously stretching out ahead, but, still, Gateway projects proved to me that it can be both fun and educational to try something new on the computer.


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